3 Current WWE Superstars that unveiled new relationships in 2022 and 4 who married

WWE Superstars are globally recognizable athletes, and even if they try to hide their relationships from the public, they are often spotted with their partners.

There have been several superstar weddings this year, with some of the company’s top stars finally tying the knot. Meanwhile, a few others have recently begun dating and are still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship.

The following list looks at just three current WWE Superstars who unveiled their new relationships this year and four who married.

#7. Charlotte Flair married AEW’s Andrade

Charlotte Flair and Andrade met during their time in WWE together and had quite the connection. Flair once admitted that when the couple first began dating, they couldn’t understand one another but have since been able to push through language barriers.

Andrade and Charlotte announced their engagement on New Year’s Day 2020 before the former champion was released from the company and has since joined AEW. There were several rumors of a split between the two parties earlier this year, but the couple dismissed them and went on to make the walk down the aisle back in May.

Charlotte has been absent from WWE for several months to celebrate her wedding but is expected to make her return soon.

#6/5. Gunther and Jinny began dating

Gunther is the reigning Intercontinental Champion and has dominated the main roster since his arrival a few months ago. The former NXT United Kingdom Champion was revealed to be in a relationship with NXT UK star Jinny during his time in NXT after the couple was spotted together earlier this year.

The pair shared images online in the fall of 2021, but it has since been confirmed that they are in a relationship. Moreover, there are now rumors that they have married.

Jinny changed her name on her private Facebook page and updated her status to married, which has led to speculation that the couple has already tied the knot but is keeping it under wraps.

There are now rumors that Jinny could be debuting on the main roster as Maxxine this week on SmackDown.

#4. Alexa Bliss married Ryan Cabrera

Alexa Bliss was once engaged to Buddy Murphy, but after a stint on Total Divas, the couple split, and the former has since met musician Ryan Cabrera. The couple has been together for several years now and announced their engagement in November 2020.

Bliss recently took a few months away from WWE to marry Cabrera as the duo was part of a fairytale-esc wedding with all of their friends and family in attendance. The couple married back in April in Palm Desert, California, the week after WrestleMania 38.

Bliss has since adopted Cabrera’s last name and has made her return to WWE under a new gimmick.

#3. Rhea Ripley revealed her relationship with Buddy Matthews

Rhea Ripley was known to be dating fellow wrestler Demetri Action Jackson throughout her NXT career. However, the former women’s champion recently hinted that she is now in a relationship with Buddy Matthews.

The current AEW star was known as Buddy Murphy while contracted to WWE and was once engaged to Alexa Bliss. The couple has been sharing images online for several weeks. However, their most recent update together seems to confirm that they are the latest pair to be split between WWE and AEW, while first meeting during their stint in the Stamford-based promotion.

Ripley is currently on hiatus following a brain injury but is expected to make her return in the near future.

#2/1. WWE stars Corey Graves and Carmella tied the knot

Corey Graves and Carmella have had quite 2022, with Carmella starting the year as one-half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions, and the couple being handed their own reality TV show on YouTube before marrying in April.

Carmella was once in a relationship with WWE Superstar Big Cass, but after the couple split, she moved on to date Corey Graves. The 38-year-old is a former NXT Tag Team Champion but now plies his trade behind the announce table.

Carmella and Corey announced their engagement on the star’s birthday back in October 2022 before marrying just a few months later.


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