5 things to know about Serena Williams

Serena Williams

She’s a Mother of one
Serena Williams is a mother to a beautiful daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr. who is said to be 3years of age. She also has a popular Instagram account where she loves to post adorable pictures and updates of her daughter’s life with whom she sometimes share same outfit with.

Serena Williams and her Daughter, Olympia Ohanian

She’s Got Her Own Clothing Line
After starting small with a clothing line that was first available on HSN, Serena has branched out with the (appropriately named) clothing line, Serena.
It offers casual wear, everyday clothes, and (of course) some athletic gear.

Serena clothing line

She’s Married to a Social Media Mogul, Alexis Ohanian
Maybe part of the reason she’s so excellent at social media is because she’s married to the guy who co-founded Reddit “the front page of the internet.”
Alexis Ohanian is an investor and tech entrepreneur who lucked out by snagging this powerhouse athlete’s heart.
The pair are often seen on the red carpet gushing over each other. And he is extraordinarily proud of what an inspiration Serena is to the world.

serena williams

She’s one of the best Tennis player
Roger Federer, a decorated athlete who also has plenty of titles to his name, commented that watching Serena play is absolutely fascinating since she may bell be the greatest player of all time. On the other side of the spectrum, another male tennis player said she may well be one of the best tennis players of all time.

Serena Williams

She’s a proud lover of Dogs
Serena is a pretty big animal lover, with her sweet dog being the lucky recipient of much of that love.
Obviously when Alexis came along, the dog took a bit of a back seat.
But she’s made it pretty clear that her fur baby continues to get plenty of love.

Serena Williams


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