A$AP Rocky gets candid about his relationship with Rihanna

A$AP Rocky recently opened up about his bond with ladylove Rihanna, and how they complement each other.

The rapper, 33, shed some light on his relationship with the Umbrella crooner in a new interview with Dazed and explained that the way they complement each other comes without trying.

“I think it’s just natural. We happen to look good together naturally. You know, it would take a lot of work to have us forcefully match before we leave the house,” he said.

“Sometimes we match to a T, or we just wear the same clothes. If I buy a shirt that she likes, I expect to get it stolen… but then I gotta steal it back.”

Rocky and Rihanna, 34, took their longtime friendship to the next level in 2020, and earlier this month, they welcomed their first child together, a son.

Becoming parents isn’t the only milestone they’ve experienced together; in December 2020, they visited Rihanna’s native Barbados, which is also where Rocky’s late father is from.

The rapper, who was raised in New York City, told Dazed that getting to visit the place from which his family hails with his girlfriend was “surreal.”


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