Anna Kendrick reveals she was terrified her boobs would slip out of her ‘slutty pantsuit’-check.


Anna Kendrick has described her plunging pantsuit at the Grammys as a bit ‘slutty’ – and revealed she was terrified of falling out of it.The actress told Ellen DeGeneres her back was killing her by the end of Sunday night’s award show, because she had to sit poker straight to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.



‘I thought I had it all figured out with the pantsuit there. I was never going to wear a dress again, I was loving it,’ she said on Tuesday’s Ellen.And then I had to sit very, very straight.



‘I had a little tape, but I was still nervous about it. By the time I got home my back was killing me. It’s just tape. You didn’t staple it.’



When Ellen asked if she perhaps got a little excited at the prospect of a nip slip, the Pitch Perfect star went a little red.’Oh my goodness! Maybe? Maybe there’s like a exhibitionism level,’ she giggled. ‘It just accidentally flashes Ariana Grande.



‘”Accidentally,”‘ she added, winking. ‘She seems easily scandalized.’On Sunday night she introduced Grande to the stage to perform, and it was while waiting to do so she had a ‘beautiful moment’ with Sam Smith.



‘I was backstage waiting to present the other night at the Grammys, and Sam had just won best new artist and he came off stage. I’ve presented at a couple of award shows now, and there’s always this moment after someone has woon where it’s like “what now?” ‘I was standing there and was like “congratulations!” and he was like “Do you know where I’m supposed to go now?” I love that moment because this beautiful thing has just happened and its so exciting and its this turning point in their lives, but the following 30 seconds are just [awkward]



‘You’re onstage at the Grammys, and Taylor Swift just presented your award to you, and you come backstage and its just Anna Kendrick in a slutty pantsuit, doesn’t know where to tell where to go. Just awkward.The actress also confirmed that she herself will be performing at the Oscars, and that she is very nervous.



‘Oh My God so nervous. I mean I get nervous any time I perform because it’s not really what I do,’ she said. ‘I’m so happy that people ask me to do it, but it’s not really my area so I do get really nervous so we’re gonna have to make sure that the heels are low and the dress is loose.’


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