Bugatti banned Tom Cruise to buy its cars for an unusual reason

In recent weeks, different Hollywood figures such as Justin Bieber or The Kardashians have been vetoed by famous car brands such as Ferrari by not allowing those stars to buy their vehicles and now it is reported that this is also the case of Tom Cruise.

Cruise, one of the most important actors of the last decades, is banned from buying cars from the luxurious French brand Bugatti, and the reason may seem incomprehensible.


Why did Bugatti veto actor Tom Cruise?

Despite being one of the biggest celebrities, Cruise has been vetoed by Bugatti, even though the actor used to ride around the streets of Los Angeles in a vehicle of the French brand.

The reason for Bugatti’s decision dates back to 2006, at a massive event where Mission Impossible 3 was premiering and Cruise arrived with a spectacular entrance.

The actor had acquired in 2005, for only one million euros, a Bugatti Veyron, a spectacular car with a 16-cylinder engine and 1001 horsepower, and decided to arrive at the red carpet of the movie driving this vehicle.

There could not have been better publicity for the brand, being linked to one of the most awaited movies of that time and its protagonist.

Tom Cruise's accident with a Bugatti

However, Bugatti didn't count on the fact that Cruise didn't know how to open the car doors, which became evident when the actor had trouble opening the car door for his wife at the time, Katie Holmes.

After several attempts, Cruise finally managed to open the door of the Bugatti Veyron, before the eyes of thousands of people present, including international press, as well as the millions of viewers who took the moment with humor, although that was not how the car brand saw it.



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