Bukayo Saka of Arsenal has a girlfriend!!! He is hiding her. Her name is Tolami Benson

It seems Arsenal football star, Bukayo Saka has gotten himself a very beautiful chocolate skin girlfriend identified as Tolami Benson.

The 20-year-old has been trying, by all means, to keep his relationship private but that approach did not work for too long. Futballnews has just learned that if Saka is not playing a football match, is not training ahead of a match, is not playing a video game, is not hanging out with friends or family, he is having some romantic time with Tolami Benson.

A critical check on the Instagram pages of both Saka and Tolami showed that both of them are in the business of trying to keep their love affairs private.

However, Tolami seems ready to let the whole world know that she is dating the hot Arsenal and England fast-rising football superstar.

She has posted pictures of herself wearing Arsenal’s jersey on her Instagram page. The way she flaunted pictures of herself in the jersey didn’t just prove that she is a fan of the club, but goes a long way to prove that she has a special interest in the club.

The interesting thing is that Saka and Tolami fall in the same age bracket. Based on Tolami’s Instagram post, she turned 18-year-old on December 2, 2018. If our calculation is right, she would turn 23-year-old this December.

Recently, she and Bukayo Saka went on a special date which she should have kept to herself but she decided to take to Instagram to share a clip and pictures of her time with the Arsenal star.

Unfortunately for those who would want to see how Saka’s facial expression would be when he is around his lover, the football star decided to wear a black mask. Saka dressed in all black leaving his damsel to be the only one whose face was seen.

Saka and Tolami.

Based on the tag on the Instagram post, Bukayo Saka and Tolami had a beautiful time at Thorpe Park in Surrey, England during the 2021 fright night, a Halloween festival that was held between 15 October and 31 October 2021.

At the time of publishing this report, both Saka and Tolami have not made their relationship public but if the love continues to grow like Saka’s football career, it is a matter of time before the whole world would know that Tolami is Saka’s girlfriend.


The biggest chance Tolami had to make the world know that she is in charge of Saka’s heart was during the final of Euro 2020 on July 11, 2021. Recall that Saka was among England’s players that missed a spot-kick in the final against Italy which ended England’s hope of winning the European Championship.

After the loss, families and loved ones of the footballers were allowed to console the English players. In the case of a tearful Bukayo Saka who was 19-year-old then, his mother, Nike Saka, was the one present to console the football star.


Bukayo Saka hugs her mother Nike Saka with tears after Euro 2020 final.
The reason why Tolami was not the one that played such a role could be because their relationship was not popular before the tournament.

Despite the young age of the two lovers, they are both doing well financially. Tolami who seems to be a Nigerian-born like Bukayo Saka seems to own a fashion line that is paying her well.

On the other hand, Arsenal are taking good care of Bukayo Saka. Based on the contract the 20-year-old football star signed with Arsenal in 2019, the Arsenal star earns at least £1.2 Million per year at the club.

He also earns a couple of millions from his endorsement deals with British Sportswear company, New Balance, and the popular video game “Call Of Duty”.


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