Deontay Wilder defiantly claims he ‘knocked Tyson Fury out’ and won their fight ‘hands down’ as return is confirmed

DEONTAY WILDER is adamant he won his first fight with Tyson Fury, insisting: “I definitely knocked him out.”

Wilder brutally sent the Brit to the canvas in the final round of their first showdown four years ago – which ended in a controversial draw – with a brutal straight right and left hook.

A dogged and determined Fury, however, rose from the dead to beat the referee’s count and win the remainder of the round – although Wilder believes he added the Gypsy King’s name to his victim list.

When asked to recall his best knockouts, Wilder said during an Instagram Live: “Coldest knockouts? There’s so many.

“I’m gonna give you the ones that pop out in my mind.

“Bermane Stiverne II – I transformed, I had an outer experience with him. It was so crazy.

“Artur Szpilka, Szpilka was another one.

“And the 12th round knockout of Fury, because I definitely knocked his ass out. I won that fight hands down.

“ Not only with me knocking him out and the ref giving him more time because he felt like it would be the right thing to do because of the type of fight that it was.

“It was a highly anticipated fight, had a lot on the line and sometimes these referees go out of their character feeling like, ‘I’mma do what’s best for the sport,’ instead of what is in the rules.”

Wilder believes referee Jack Reiss should’ve waved off the fight after seeing Fury flat out on his back.

He continued: “I definitely knocked him out. The referee was Jack Reiss and if you go back and look at any of his fights, he stops a lot of fights early.

“ Sometimes they don’t even get to get up and he’s waving it off.

“When I knocked Fury out I literally seen it with my own self, that’s one of the reasons why I was so surprised.

“Not only with the count, but I seen this man’s eyes rolled back into his head, that’s how this s*** was.

“I seen his veins popping out his head and I knew he had a concussion. He was gone, that’s a wave off, period.”

Wilder would go on to do battle with Fury a further two times, suffering seventh and 11th round stoppage losses in the final fights of their trilogy.

The Alabama slammer hasn’t fought since his brutal loss to the Wythenshawe warrior last October but recently confirmed he will return to the ring.

He said: “I can’t stop right here. I must continue my journey. I have to, I have to.

“I’m looking to resume my career for sure. I’ve got a lot of other things I’ve got to get out of the way.

“I’m taking away from my children if I come back, because now I’m able to enjoy my life fully like I want to.

“I sacrificed so much to be in this position in my life, to be able to live my life like I want for the rest of my life.”


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