Did Jennifer Lopez pressure Ben Affleck into marrying her sooner?

After tying the knot last month there have been growing rumours that Jennifer Lopez pressured Ben Affleck into getting married sooner rather than later with the singer worried about Affleck getting cold feet.

According to several sources, Lopez was worried that a repeat of what happened in 2004, the pair spilt days before their wedding ceremony, with the star fearing Affleck would once again back out if given too much time.

“She was ready to get married since the night Ben proposed,” an insider told the Globe.

“She wanted to lock this down and remove any chance for cold feet ASAP.”

On closer inspection however the rumours tend to fall short given that Affleck was the one who proposed to Lopez and the pair have waited almost 20 years to get married despite marrying other people in the interim.

Lopez and Affleck first got together at the beginning of the century, but then parted ways for a number of years and explored other romantic interests.

They have since reunited and finally tied the knot together.



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