Elizabeth Olsen Is Going Viral for Answering Why She’s Nicer to Paparazzi Than Her Sisters

A video of Elizabeth Olsen is going viral on Twitter right now, almost 10 years after it was originally released.
Elizabeth 1
The video shows Elizabeth leaving NBC Studios on March 8, 2012 and being greeted by paparazzi and autograph seekers outside on the sidewalk.

Elizabeth kindly stopped to sign some autographs and one of the photographers asked her, “How come you’re so much nicer than your sisters

In response, Elizabeth said, “Because you guys have been bothering them their whole lives.”
Elizabeth 2
The video has been viewed on Twitter more than 420,000 times in the last two days and the most viral tweet with the video has over 55,000 likes. The fan wrote, “elizabeth olsen knows how to clear a bitch.”

Last year, Elizabeth went viral while talking about the life advice that her sisters gave her.


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