Exclusive! Anushka Sen opens up about her love life


One of the most intriguing topics related to celebrities is their love life. People may want to know more, but the fact is that many celebs like to keep this aspect of their lives private. Young actress Anushka Sen is no different. She too prefers keeping her personal life under wraps. Of course right now, there is nothing in particular happening either, she clarifies.

Anushka, who has been a part of shows like Jhansi Ki Rani and Baal Veer, says she would rather make work her top priority at this point in her life.

She says, “I turned 18 this year and till now I haven’t been in a relationship. I love my work and I want that to be my focus right now. Moreover when something like love has to happen, it happens on its own. It’s not like buying a car right? There are a lot of other elements here at play too. One has no control over things like these,” shares Anushka.

She is close to her parents and is comfortable talking to them about everything under the sun. So whenever she finds that someone special, will her parents get to know first?

“My parents are my best friends and they will get to know it first whenever something like this happens,” she says adding, “Be it work or leisure, the three of us stick together everywhere and thus I don’t keep anything hidden from them. I am their only child and they want the best for me and that is why they never stop me from doing anything. The only advice they give me is that I should lead a good life. There is nothing that I cannot speak with them about. So when something happens they will get to know it first”


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