Fans Captivating Reaction On Sofia Vergara Been In The Crowd Of Sexy Dancers Pictures On Instagram

Fans Captivating Reaction On Sofia Vergara Been In The Crowd Of Sexy Dancers Pictures On Instagram

See Sofia Vergara In A Crowd Of Sexy Dancers

If there is one thing that actor Sofia Vergara knows how to do, it’s to wow a crowd. Filling a room full of laughter and delighting viewers with her gifts is something that seems to come naturally to the former Modern Family star. In the last few years, Vergara has lent her eye and expertise as a judge on America’s Got Talent, which has put her in interesting positions of power. Recently, a group of contestants on the competition reality show made quite the impression on Vergara, as well as some of the other well-known judges.

In a post to her Instagram account this week, Sofia Vergara posed with a group of dancers that competed on America’s Got Talent, and it’s easy to see how amazed the Columbian-born judge was with their performance. The group is called The Mayyas, and they hail from Lebanon as a pole dancing ensemble that spreads messages of peace and understanding on the world stage. Vergara seemed so taken by their skills that she took a picture with the dancers and commented on her social media post to her over 25.9 million followers that she’s “Never seen anything so beautiful.”

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Before they dazzled Sofia Vergara and earned the coveted Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent, The Mayyas have already made a name for themselves in their own home country. As reported by USA Today, the Lebanese dancers decided to audition for America’s Got Talent after witnessing the great Nightbirde last year, who moved Simon Cowell enough to also earn the Golden Buzzer. Unfortunately, Nightbirde had to take herself out of the show because she was diagnosed with cancer, a disease that sadly took her life earlier this year. Since then, The Mayyas chose to compete in the same show to honor her legacy and introduce the world to the type of art that Arab women can create.

The fact that Sofia Vergara is a current judge on America’s Got Talent didn’t seem to escape the hearts and minds of The Mayyas while they danced to a universally stunned crowd. The dance group expressed their appreciation for Vergara and what she’s given to female audiences everywhere by stating in an interview with People after the show, “Sofia always represented, for us, the image of a strong, beautiful woman.” Vergara was a deciding vote in sending the group to the live shows, and it was her pressing of the Golden-Buzzer that cemented The Mayyas’ achievement. The group went on to say to People that “Receiving the Golden Buzzer from her was an absolute honor. We hope we won’t let her down in the next rounds.”


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