“I did not know that Rafael Nadal was going to…”, says filmmaker

Leading Spanish filmmaker and actor Santiago Segura recently joined the chorus of well-wishers for the Spanish tennis legend.

“I did not know that Rafael Nadal was going to be a father but then he is a future spectator of ‘Padre no hay más que uno 3’ I wish Rafa Nadal that he is less injured in fatherhood than in tennis and that he takes it with joy,” Segura said.

think he will be a great father. In the end, we all screw up as parents, but there is something that cures everything, which is love and doing everything with good intentions. Why not. His current coach, Carlos Moyá, wrote to me and told me that his dream was to appear in one of ‘Torrente’

At that time he was number 1 in the world and I was surprised. He played a tennis player in one of the movies and it was easy. Nadal could appear in ”Padre no hay más que uno 4′, premiering his paternity,” Segura said.


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