Is Olivia Rodrigo Making A New Album? Everything You Need To Know

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Olivia Rodrigo was quite the hit in 2021 with her hugely successful debut album ‘Sour’, lots of songwriting and of course, her role as the star of High School Musical 3 set to be released in 2022.

With all that on her schedule, fans still want more from the ‘Driver’s License’ singer as they ask – is Olivia making a new album yet?

Her first album, ‘Sour’, which included hits ‘Deja Vu’ and ‘Happier’ stormed the charts meaning it wasn’t long before she confirmed her first tour across America, the UK and Europe.

Now, just months after her huge album success, followers of Olivia are seeking all the clues as to whether she’s working on a second album.

So is Olivia set to release a new album called ‘Sweet’? Do we have a release date? Here’s everything we know so far:

Is Olivia Rodrigo working on a second album?
The 18 year old has yet to confirm she’s working on a second album and quite honestly, with a schedule like hers, which also includes graduating high school, we’d be surprised if she had time.

However, Olivia has been asked about a second album in interviews and has never denied it. Could she surprise fans with a shock album drop soon? We sure hope so!

Will Olivia Rodrigo’s second album be called ‘Sweet’?
With her debut album named ‘Sour’, fans are convinced the sister album will be called ‘Sweet’.

In a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel she said: “Salty? Savoury? Umami? I don’t know. It’s my little secret. I’m still kind of working on the rest of it.”

Other clues pointing to ‘Sweet’ as a name include fans noticing many of her love songs not making the first album. With Sour dedicated to heartbreak, they’ve assumed ‘Sweet’ will be a love song collection.

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Olivia also teamed up with Sour Patch Kids for a collaboration where the slogan was “Sour then Sweet”.

Olivia Rodrigo second album release date
The teen artist has yet to confirm she’s working on a second album so any details like a release date are TBC too. Fans are secretly hoping for a surprise drop though.

What’s the second album vibe going to be?
Fans are guessing the second album will take a much more romantic turn following her ‘Sour’ heartbreak LP.

Olivia said it will “probably be a lot happier than the record I just made.


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