‘It hurts him’ Harry’s sinking popularity takes its toll on Duke of Sussex amid backlash


PRINCE HARRY’S sinking popularity ratings have “got to hurt him,” according to one of his former royal protection officers, who described how the Duke had changed over recent years.


Prince Harry has faced sinking popularity ratings since his move to California and tumultuous time outside of the Royal Family. The drop in support for the Duke of Sussex “has got to hurt him,” according to Ken Wharfe, a royal protection officer. Mr Wharfe used to guard the late Diana, Princess of Wales and Princes William and Harry as children.

Speaking to Palace Confidential on MailPlus, Mr Wharfe said the dramatic turnaround in public opinion had taken its toll on Harry.

He said: “When I worked with him as a young boy, he was a great character. Together with William, they were this incredible double act.

“They were fun and credit to both their parents. Throughout their marriage, they experienced great difficulties but never once did they share those difficulties with their children.
“When Harry reached that moment in 2017, and married Meghan Markle, a lady of mixed heritage, a divorcee and American everyone thought this is the turning point for royalty.”

Mr Wharfe continued: “He was the most popular man on the planet at the time.

“And then, suddenly this move to Canada and eventually to California, he has become, not the most hated royal, but his popularity has sunk and that has got to hurt him.

“I see a different side to Harry now. He is in a different ball game. He is not carrying out his royal duties with his patronages, the military connections he had, and the love he had for the military.

“Suddenly he is involving himself with business interests on the other side of the Atlantic.

“And so this is a different Harry altogether, he has become a part of a money-making machine.”

In poll ratings for the Mail on Sunday earlier this month, both Harry and his wife Meghan plummeted in favourability among Britons.

Harry sat with zero net approval while Meghan slumped to -17 net approval.

The poll of 1,567 British adults was carried out by Deltapoll between December 23 and 30.

Harry’s brother Prince William fared much better in the eyes of the British public, as he scored a +55 net approval rating.


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