Jada Pinkett Smith could have something to do with Stephen Curry’s parents’ divorce

Jada Pinkett Smith’s ‘Red Table Talk’ show on Facebook Watch is supposed to air more personal issues of the people invited to the program. We just found out that Stephen Curry’s parents are now dating a couple that was also previously married but we don’t know the backstory of it. It’s time we dig into this new topic that is making Stephen Curry slightly uncomfortable.

Of course he doesn’t want this going public but at this point, it all seems inevitable. The people want to know what exactly wen’t down, Jada Pinkett Smith is oddly involved in all of this. She’s developed a close relationship with all the Curry ladies since she invited them to her show.

That’s exactly the first time Sonya Currystarted talking about her marital problems with Dell Curry, the two of them filed for divorce earlier in 2022. But these issues have been taking place for years with both of them being unfaithful to each other.

The mainstream narrative will tell you that Sonya Curry was the one who cheated first but NBA players have a hard time being faithful with so many trips to the rest of the country with their respective teams. An NBA player who remains faithful to his wife is extremely rare these days, and it has been for decades. That’s just what happens with athletes, they have a hard time keeping it in their pants.

Is Jada Pinkett Smith responsible for Curry’s parents divorce?

Of course not, all Jada Pinkett Smith did was offer a platform for all the Curry ladies to feel inside a safe space where they could talk about personal stuff. In a sense, this show is very much like therapy as it heals whoever goes on it. Granted, Pinkett Smith is having a hard time in her own personal life but she is providing a great service with ‘Red Table Talk‘.

Sonya Curry seems to have been unhappy for a while when the episode on Facebook Watch aired. Her words are those of a woman who couldn’t wait to start thinking about her own happiness for the first time in decades. Good on her for finally taking that step and get that divorce.

If you don’t believe what we are saying, judge for yourself by reading part of what she said: “Each stage different things fuel the marriage. There’s different types of commitments at different levels. First commitment was to the person, because you are in love. The second one, you are committed to the family.

“Cause you gotta build this and to some degree you are committed to kids. When you are going through bumpy times, you think a lot about kids. And the third part is ‘woah nobody’s here?’ It’s just us. He looks at me and goes, ‘you’re not that 18 years old that got married to me’. And I look at him and go, okay.”



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