Jessica Simpson’s Father Wanted to Be the ‘Man in Her Life’ and Gave Her Purity Ring at Age 12 -check


Jessica Simpson’s father, Joe Simpson, was a youth preacher when he gave his daughter a purity ring and promised to be the man in her life, even though she was only 12-year-old at the time.



Jessica Simpson, a talented singer, and famous actress, was born into a religious family. Her father, Joe Simpson, worked as a youth minister and therapist who would help kids with an abusive childhood.



Their house was a haven for the needy in the neighborhood, teaching the Simpson kids how to perform charitable deeds. While her dad had a big heart towards at-risk, abused, and sometimes pregnant teenagers, he was intentional about setting standards in his own home.





Joe was particular about how his talented daughter viewed sex. He wanted her to wait for the appropriate time—marriage, so when she turned 12, he celebrated her adolescence by gifting her a cross-themed silver band.



The religious-conscious father told her he was going to be the man in her life and would shower her with worship, encouragement, support, protection, all born out of love to maintain her purity for the right time.



At the time she received her purity ring, she was ready to showcase her talent to the world. The 12-year-old went for a Dallas audition at the Mickey House Club, where she won over the locals.



Jessica went on to compete in the finals, which she lost, facing Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Ryan Gosling, and Justin Timberlake.



The young talent recorded her first album in 1997, and it took two years before its release.

Her second album, “Irresistible,” did better than the first but left her in debt.Soon enough, she abandoned singing for acting, where she excelled with one of her first performances in “Newlyweds,” alongside Nick Lachey, who later became her husband.


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