Joe Biden’s son Hunter caught on video taking drugs with prostitute

Joe Biden, President of the United States, is not having the best of times at the helm of the world’s leading power as his son Hunter Biden has just been caught on video with a prostitute and drugs that he allegedly bought himself.

In the audiovisual clip, which lasts approximately 18 seconds, the US president’s son can be seen talking to a prostitute about whether she has any crack, i.e. cocaine in rock form.

Naturally, the video has gone viral in a matter of minutes, as you can clearly see Biden Jr’s face as he smokes and weighs about 21 grams of crack.

In the video you can also see the belongings of his female companion, who could be a sex worker. Now, this is not the first scandal involving Joe Biden’s son.

Similar incidents involving Hunter Biden’s use of drugs and hiring of prostitutes featured on his laptop that was exposed just before the US elections by the New York Post, though it was deemed not newsworthy by the rest of the country’s media, and was censored by Facebook and Twitter.

Hunter Biden, the most controversial member of the Biden family.

In addition to the media stir that this scandal is generating, as it is illegal to possess this type of drug in the United States, the truth is that Hunter Biden has had more legal problems in recent years with the justice system.

He has been exposed several times as a cheater, alcoholic and drug addict. He has also been accused of committing the following crimes: tax fraud, money laundering, allegedly lobbying in Washington for a foreign firm in an illicit manner.

A fairly reprehensible record for the 52-year-old, which certainly seems to bring shame and disgrace to his family.


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