Justin Bieber Has Been Banned For A Lifetime From Using A Ferrari

Pop music icon Justin Bieber has been banned for a lifetime from purchasing another Ferrari car.

The carmaker company has blacklisted the Peaches singer over violating the Maranello house’s highly-respected ethical code of vehicle maintenance with his 2011 F458 Italia and changing its color to neon blue.

A Milan-based newspaper, Il Giornale’s reported that the Ghost singer modified his 458 with a Liberty Walk body kit.

The STAY crooner, 28, previously lost his car after a long night partying in Los Angeles back in 2016 and also put the vehicle up for a charity auction.

Ferrari has rules that dictate that an owner cannot sell their car in the first year and that they inform the company beforehand so it has the option of buying it back. Unauthorized modifications are also frowned upon by the company.

Fabio Barone, president of the world’s largest Ferrari drivers’ club, supported the move to preserve the manufacturer’s dignity.

He said, “A Ferrari is a work of art, so it’s right the manufacturer sends the message that it has to be protected.”

Meanwhile, Bieber is not the only one on the banned list as there have been many more celebrities who have been blacklisted by Ferrari due to their behavior in the past.

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is also on the list as she reportedly accepted a Prancing Horse as a wedding gift from a fraudster.

Actor Nicolas Cage, who has a massive car collection, bought a $1 million Ferrari Enzo back in 2003 but was forced to sell the same due to bankruptcy.


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