Kaley Cuoco left feeling emotional after sweet gestures from friends

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Kaley Cuoco is filming for The Flight Attendant meaning that she’s not able to spend as much time with her beloved animals as she would like.

Thankfully, she has friends making sure that her animals are well looked after while she’s gone, and on Wednesday she was left feeling emotional after her pal left her a note sharing a small update on how her pets were coping. Kaley shared a small clip on her Instagram Stories as she approached the note, which read: “Good morning sunshine! I hope you slept great. I let the bunnies out!” It finished with a drawn heart and smiley face.

Despite the simplicity of the message, knowing that her animals were being looked after got the actress feeling all emotional.

“Why am I crying, lol?” she questioned. “I love my sister wife @zosiamamet.” Her friend had a sweet reaction to the post, sharing it on her own Instagram Stories with a string of the face surrounded by hearts emoji.

Kaley got her two rabbits from a rescue center back in 2018, and when she first got them, her then-fiancé Karl Cook shared a video of the Big Bang Theory Big Bang Theory star in tears.

“To whom it may concern, when your fiancé wakes up and says, ‘I want to adopt some rabbits!’ This is the inevitable conclusion,” he wrote.

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Kaley has shared plenty of photos of her rabbits, including a sweet one where they cuddled inside the jumpers of herself and her sister, Brianna.

Kaley later had another reason to be emotional because of her friends, as she revealed that one of them had gotten her a gift.

On her Stories, she posed next to a citrus juicer, and captioned the post: “Also when ur other bestie sends you a juicer for absolutely no reason other than she knew you needed one. I love you @mkates100!!”

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Her posts came after she opened up about having a tough time on set as some of her co-stars had taken to teasing her.

In a video the 36-year-old shared, one of her castmates could be heard whispering a countdown before eventually jumping out with a group of others to scare her.

In the cover of a cold nighttime, the actress was unable to spot them coming and eventually got terrified to the point that she had to walk far away from the group to recover.

She wrote with the hilarious clip: “This is literally every day. This entire cast and crew has plotted against me and now scares me at every turn. I am not safe.”


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