Kanye West slammed as ‘toxic’ by Kim Kardashian’s fans

Kim Kardashian’s fans have slammed Kanye West as ‘toxic’ after the rapper flew to Paris to style the reality in a resurfaced scene of the family’s hit show.

A TikToker has shared a clip of how Kim, now 41, got her fitting done for the 2016 Balmain show. The reality star was in the middle of her fitting for the show on the throwback Keeping Up With the Kardashians clip.

Kanye West, Kim’s husband at the time, took the ‘day off’ to help with his then wife’s ‘looks’. Kim explained how the rapper, now 44, abruptly put a halt to his tour and took the “day off.”

He visited her because he had to “help” his partner with her “looks.” He claimed to be “missing something” while searching for the “right color.”

Kanye also ordered Kim’s sister Kourtney, now 43, to ditch the “earrings,” and just wear “the sunglasses.”

He wanted Kourtney to wear the sunglasses “the entire time,” even though she could barely see where she was going.

The caption stated: “Kanye didn’t like Kim’s outfits, so he flew all the way to Paris to style her for the day.”

Fans claimed that Kim’s ex had become “toxic” in his “weird” demeanor and “controlling” attitude over her outfit.

One said: “It’s funny how back then everyone thought this was sweet of him, but now it’s ‘controlling.'”


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