Kate Beckinsale Rushed To Hospital While Shooting Movie in Las Vegas And Brutally Injured-check.


Kate Beckinsale was rushed to the hospital while filming Prisoner’s Daughter in Las Vegas early Friday morning. Her current condition is unknown.Actress Kate Beckinsale is currently recovering after being rushed to a Las Vegas hospital while filming her new movie Prisoner’s Daughter early Friday morning.



The English actress and model had originally been performing in movies and TV shows since the early 1990s; however, it wasn’t until her lead role in Michael Bay’s blockbuster, Pearl Harbor (2002), that she was launched into the national spotlight. While Bay’s movie was universally panned by critics, it helped introduce Beckinsale to a wider range of audiences.



Beckinsale further ensured her place in Hollywood when she was cast as Selene in the Underworld film series in 2003. For over a decade, she played the vampire Death Dealer in five total movies, with 2016’s Underworld: Blood Wars serving as her last outing as the character.



Throughout her career, she has also starred alongside other high-profile actors, including Hugh Jackman in Van Helsing and Colin Farrell in 2012’s Total Recall remake. Now Beckinsale is poised to star as the daughter of ex-con Max (Brian Cox), whose violent past catches up to him as he attempts to reconnect with Beckinsale’s character, in a new dramatic thriller from director Catherine Hardwicke.



TMZ reports that Beckinsale was rushed to a Las Vegas hospital via an ambulance early Friday after “her back went out.” Though her current condition and exact treatment are unknown at this time, she has spent a number of hours in the emergency room.



Beckinsale was reportedly in The Signature at MGM Grand when the incident happened, which leads to the belief that her injury was not sustained while filming Prisoner’s Daughter.Beckinsale was also recently admitted to the hospital back in 2019 after undergoing surgery for a ruptured cyst.



Once her condition allowed, she updated her social media followers about her status, saying, “turns out a ruptured ovarian cyst really hurts and morphine makes me cry,” before adding, “so thankful to everyone who looked after me.” Based on her speed of updating worried fans during her previous hospital visit, Beckinsale will more than likely soon issue an update on her current condition for this visit.



Though filming for Prisoner’s Daughter had only begun about a week ago, it seems Beckinsale’s injury could significantly impact the shoot. Although, since the extent of her injury is currently unknown, there’s no telling how long it could end up delaying the filming.



Hopefully, Kate Beckinsale will make a full and speedy recovery and find herself in good health soon. As for Underworld 6 ever going into development, the actress is seriously doubtful.


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