“Kevin Durant is nothing without Curry”- Shaq

Kevin Durant was actively chirping on Twitter last night and it looks Shaq found some time. He put up a story suggesting Steph is better.

Kevin Durant had a playoff run to forget. He managed to take the seventh seed Brooklyn Nets to the playoffs but they were slain at the hands of Jayson Tatum and the Celtics.

They got washed, 4-0. The Nets could not win a single game and a lot of questions about Durant’s credibility arose. While they are yet to be answered, Kevin has not been silent.
He has been out tweeting his thoughts and engaging in internet debates. The only problem is that their sweep all but confirmed one fact, Kevin Durant without Steph Curry is worse off.

Steph Curry elevates players and Kevin Durant was one of them, without him KD has nothing! Shaq chimes in cryptically
Shaq has always been vocal about his opinions. He is a part of the NBA on TNT crew that regularly makes some of the best analyses in basketball.

His love for Steph Curry has also been vocalized quite often and what’s more, he has a distaste for KD.

His story on Insta was cryptic, well because he never said anything. But the post itself says a lot. It details that Kevin Durant has no notable wins or achievements since leaving Steph.

The Golden State Warriors point guard on the other hand is in the Western Conference finals after grooming rookies and young players.

Perhaps there is some grain of truth to Shaq’s claims. If Steph Curry does prevail this postseason, it will all but confirm his greatness over Kevin Durant.


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