Lewis Hamilton demands talks with FIA over delayed Monaco Grand Prix start

Lewis Hamilton has claimed delaying the start of the Monaco Grand Prix due to weather concerns was ‘not a good enough reason’. The seven-time champion said he had asked to start the race when the rain was only drizzling but the FIA decided to delay.

Eventually, FIA bosses allowed the cars to do a formation lap 15 minutes late but then the rain got heavier and the race was red flagged. The Monaco Grand Prix eventually started after a 45-minute delay while the worst of the heavy rain cleared.

However, Hamilton has demanded talks with FIA bosses in the next drivers’ briefing to ensure a similar situation never happens again. Hamilton said: “You think they didn’t do a good job? I was not saying it was a mistake.

“I don’t know the reason for them not sending us out at the get-go — but we are Formula 1 drivers so (the weather) is not a good enough reason. That is what I was saying. I was like ‘let’s go’ when it was just drizzling a little bit at the beginning.

“We will talk about it in the drivers’ briefing but we should have started the race.” Hamilton was not the only driver to complain about the delay with reigning champion Max Verstappen also venting his frustration.

The Dutchman appeared puzzled as the delay continued, asking his race engineers: “What are we waiting for?” The FIA clarified its thinking behind the delay in an official statement, claiming it was done purely for ‘safety reasons’.

However, rumours in the paddock claim the main reason was due to a power cut which had caused chaos moments before the start. Reports suggest the electrics at the circuit had played up including the starting gantry and TV broadcast equipment.


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