Lewis Hamilton’s stance on Mercedes ditching his black car request for 2022 season


LEWIS HAMILTON could be driving a different colour car if he returns for the 2022 season.

Lewis Hamilton has already delivered his verdict on Mercedes potentially switching up the colour scheme of their 2022 car. The Silver Arrows accepted Hamilton’s request to change the livery from silver to black in 2020, ending a long-running tradition.

I saw a show car with the 2022 livery on, which looks great!” Russell said.

“I can’t wait to show you all that. I’m sure you’re going to absolutely love it. No giving away what colour it is, you’ll have to wait and see…”

Hamilton was quizzed on his position last year and did not seem too fussed about whether his black request was would be dropped after a successful two-year stint.
“I don’t have a particular feeling towards it,” Hamilton said.

“I’m not involved in that for next year [2022], and it is originally a Silver Arrows.

“When I asked if we could go to make the car black last year [2020], in terms of the symbolism, and what we intend to do moving forward in terms of support, I wasn’t expecting it to last particularly long, and we carried it into a second season, which is awesome.
“If it goes back, it will be a nice change. It doesn’t deter us from the changes that we are making internally, as we continue to truly push for diversity, even working with all of our partners.”


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