Meet the Elon Musk watch that tells him the time of Mars and Earth simultaneously

Meet the Elon Musk watch that tells him the time of Mars and Earth simultaneouslyYoutube: BEHRENS Official

In 2021, human civilization landed several exploring expeditions on Martian soil, and it’s believed that man reaching the red planet isn’t a matter of “if”, but rather “when” will the humans will set foot for the first time on Mars.

Elon Musk, one of the leading moguls offering space travel, both business and leisure, has been vocal about his space explorations endeavors and thinks that we’ll soon be able to travel to Mars.

The Behrens B025 MARS – Project ONE design

Behrens started this watch from scarth, just with the objective of showing both planets time simultaneously.

Besides showing the actual time of the Earth and Mars, it also has the different time zones that each planet has.

24 hours equal a day on Earth, but on Mars a day takes longer to complete, that’s why there are 24 hours and 37 minutes per day.


According to Behrens official website, the watch has a $9,125 price, but unfortunately right know it appears to be out of stock.

“In year 2021, with various countries’ space department space projects reaching and exploring MARS, BEHRENS decided to tribute these human’s space projects by developing our own space project”, can be read in the company’s website.


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