Michael Jackson’s timeline In pictures: An icon tortured by his complexes

Slide 1 of 42: Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana. He was the seventh child of eight and he is known worldwide as the King of Pop. Jackson wouldn't get older than 50. He died in June 2009.

Slide 2 of 42: Michael Jackson made a name for himself at a young age. He was only 11 years old when the Jackson Five triumphed. The group consisted of him and his four brothers: Tito, Jermaine, Jackie, and Marlon.


Slide 10 of 42: In this photo from 1982, the changes in his face are already noticeable. He is standing next to pop queen Donna Summer.

Slide 11 of 42: Over the years, his nose would change further, becoming smaller every time. Surgeon Pamela Lipkin recalls that he had to wear a band-aid for a while because a hole in his skin was causing nasal fluid to flow into his mouth.


Slide 12 of 42: Over time, the color of Michael Jackson's skin appeared to become lighter. The star and his doctors always denied the rumors that he underwent treatment to clear up his skin color.

Slide 13 of 42: A skin condition called vitiligo allegedly caused the depigmentation of Michael Jackson's complexion. It forced him to spend several hours applying makeup to unify his color.

Slide 14 of 42: Doctor Wallace Goodstein, who worked with Michael Jackson's surgeon in the 1990s, told People magazine that  the star would come in "in every two months and underwent between 10 and 12 surgeries in two years while I worked in the clinic."

Slide 16 of 42: Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis, met Michael Jackson in 1974. They began dating in 1993 and married a year later in a ceremony in the Dominican Republic. The couple divorced in 1996, although they would be seen together after their separation.


Slide 18 of 42: Michael Jackson's second marriage was to Debbie Rowe. They had been friends for several years (she was his dermatologist's assistant) and got married in 1996. Rowe is the mother of two of his children (Paris and Prince Jackson). She would later reveal that they never slept together and that the children were conceived through donorship.

Slide 19 of 42: The couple divorced in 1999 and reached an agreement for Debbie Rowe to relinquish custody of her children. She could only visit them every 45 days. In addition, for the first three years of their separation, Rowe received a million dollars a year, a villa in Beverly Hills, and a car.


Slide 21 of 42: Michael Jackson always wanted to be a father and was very protective of his children. He tried to hide their faces as much as possible from the media.


Slide 22 of 42: The eldest is Prince Michael Jackson I, the son of his marriage to Debbie Rowe. He was born in 1997.


Slide 23 of 42: Although he's remained far from the media, Prince participated in a few television programs to explain the altruistic nature of his father.


Slide 24 of 42: The second child of his marriage to Debbie Rowe is Paris Michael Katherine Jackson. She was born in 1998.


Slide 25 of 42: Paris is the best known of Michael Jackson's three children. She's an actress, model, and singer. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, she said that she went through a deep depression following the death of her father.


Slide 29 of 42: Michael Jackson's home and personal amusement park, Neverland, is an abode inspired by the land of Peter Pan. It has its own zoo and rides.


Slide 30 of 42: Allegations of child molestation arose during the summer of 1993 when Jackson's friend Evan Chandler filed a complaint against the singer for having inappropriate relations with his son Jordan, who was only 13 years old.


Slide 31 of 42: The case was resolved in January 1994, when Michael Jackson's attorney reached a settlement with Evan Chandler, reportedly paying him damages of between $14 million and $23 million.


Slide 32 of 42: After the first complaint, other children and their parents came forward with accusations of similar offenses. The courts opened an investigation into the Neverland ranch.


Slide 33 of 42: In 2002, Michael Jackson took part in Martin Bashir's documentary 'Living with Michael Jackson.' The film was controversial because it showed the singer with children in ways that were borderline inappropriate.


Slide 35 of 42: News media alleged that Jackson may have been in a relationship with Macaulay Culkin, the actor of 'Home Alone' who was 22 years younger than him. Years later, Culkin denied any inappropriate conduct.


Slide 37 of 42: Michael Jackson had problems with substance abuse and admitted to them in public in 1993. At that time, the King of Pop had to cancel his 'Dangerous' tour to be hospitalized in a rehab center.


Slide 38 of 42: He was never able to overcome his addiction. Michael Jackson took painkillers and substances to make him look younger and persevere during exhausting tours and work days.


Slide 39 of 42: On June 27, 2009, Jackson died unexpectedly at the age of 50. He had suffered cardiac arrest.


Slide 40 of 42: An autopsy revealed that Michael Jackson had suffered an acute poisoning of propofol, an anesthetic injected by his personal physician (Dr. Conrad Murray) to combat his insomnia. The doctor would later reveal to have given him other sedatives as well, and Jackson himself would have added some more. Conrad Murray was arrested for the murder of Michael Jackson.


Slide 41 of 42: In 2011, Conrad Murray was sentenced to four years in prison for manslaughter. He also had to pay over $100 million in damages to Jackson's children. Murray was released in 2013, having served half of his sentence, but he can no longer practice his profession.


Slide 42 of 42: When Michael Jackson died, his mother was granted custody of his children. By now, they are all in their twenties. The children of the King of Pop carry on his legacy, each in their own way.


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