Nicki Minaj Father’s Murderer Receives A Shocking Jail Term.

The person responsible for causing the death of Nicki Minaj’s father has been handed a prison sentence that has been branded ‘disappointing’.

The court sentences Nicki Minaj’s father’s killer to a shocking amount of time in jail leaving his wife ‘dissapointed’.

According to reports by People magazine, the killer’s court case includes a guilty testimony where he admitted to fleeing the scene and hiding his vehicle.

Hit-and-run' driver who killed Nicki Minaj's father Robert Maraj, 64, turns  himself in | Daily Mail Online
For those unversed, the hit-and-run occurred a year earlier in February of 2021 and the man was caught a few days later.

The accused, Polevich also confessed to the killing and Acting State Supreme Court Justice Howard Sturim offered him a plea deal where “I’ll sentence you to no more than a year in jail” with a remaining few years of community service.

Previously, Polevich faced almost 11 years behind bars but Nicki’s mother and Maraj’s wife, Carol Maraj, is ‘not happy’ with his ruling and admitted, “I’m not happy with that… one year in jail. I’m not happy with that.”


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