Prince Harry ‘furious’ way of dealing with media unlike William’s ‘level-headedness’

Prince Harry and Prince William were equally ‘furious’ at the media invading their lives a decade ago

Prince Harry and Prince William are said to have been equally ‘furious’ at the media invading their lives about a decade ago, however, a close source has said that William’s way of dealing with it was way more ‘level-headed’ than Harry’s.

Talking to The Daily Mail, an unnamed friend of the royal’s said: “A decade ago, William was just as furious as Harry was with the media. But, unlike his brother, he wanted to work things through, particularly when it came to ring-fencing his children.”

The insider continued: “He did that in a level-headed and conciliatory way as he understands more than anyone the interest in them as a family.”

“Once that was in place, he was much better equipped to cope with the levels of interest. It’s why many think Harry and Meghan just didn’t give it enough time (to work through),” the source concluded.


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