Prince Harry, Meghan Markle had borderline trashy Christmas celebrations

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had donated to their neighbourhood’s first Annual Montecito Holiday Car Parade

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Christmas celebrations have been “borderline trashy” even after they donated to their neighbourhood’s first Annual Montecito Holiday Car Parade, as per a podcast.

American podcaster Roberta Fiorito and colleague Rached Bowie spoke over the photos that surfaced of the parade and have expressed a variety of emotions over it.

The Royally Obsessed host said: “Harry and Meghan donated to their first annual Montecito holiday car parade.

“This is super random, and we are scratching our heads at what just happened. Obviously, they were the first ones to decorate it.”

“To donate, they were the first ones to donate. Were they asked first, we should have a car parade? How did this happen?”

Bowie replied: “In their defence, it looks like they were just trying to find an outdoor way to find merriment in the town.

“And they probably wanted to participate as new neighbours to the area.

“So it was nice, I just think some of the pictures of some of the pictures of the participants were little out there but looked festive and fun.”

Fiorito added: “It’s like Real Housewives Christmas, it’s borderline trashy, just gonna say.

“Some people have a different idea of what Christmas is but it’s fine, it’s very amusing. I scoured the pictures like if there are glimpses of them even in masks or sunglasses somewhere in there, do not think they were there unless they were inside the car.”


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