Prince William shares Prince Philip’s hilarious quip over a cursing boy-check.

The moment Prince William looked so charming


Prince William takes a trip down memory lane and recalls the hilarious quip Prince Philip made once confronted with a kid that ended up swearing at him.



The claim’s been made by Prince William in a new BBC documentary on the Duke of Edinburgh’s life.


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In the documentary Prince William said, “[Philip] stopped and wound down his window and said, ‘Good morning. How are you getting on?”



“To which the smallest young chap at the back turned round and effectively said, ‘Jog on Grandpa!’”Shortly thereafter, Prince Philip reportedly turned to his grandson and hilariously quipped, “The youth of today!”



Prince Harry ‘most beloved’ royal skill possessed by Prince Philip: report

An expert recently highlighted the one skill of Prince Philip’s that Prince Harry honours to this day.


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Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond made the claim and during her interview with BBC Breakfast she was quoted saying, “Prince Philip was a man they would go to with their problems. He was a sounding board.”



“As Prince Harry says in the documentary, he was a fantastic listener but he didn’t probe. He didn’t interrogate you, he let you find your own space to air your problems and let you work your way through your problems.”



“He was a facilitator in that. I don’t think he would’ve probed deeply in the turmoil of war.”


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“He was a military man, he knew, he fought and seen action in the Second World War.”


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