Reason why we think Elon Musk wants to buy YouTube

Controversial billionaire Elon Musk hogs the limelight when he speaks or, in this case, posts on social media. This time, the South African is trending again for a tweet that has sparked controversy over a possible purchase of YouTube.

The owner of Tesla posted on his official Twitter account a criticism towards the YouTube platform regarding the use and publication of various ads that he considers fraudulent.

“YouTube seems to be non-stop scam ads,” Musk wrote on the social media, unleashing a wave of messages and responses from numerous users to his tweet.

Many wrote to Musk inviting him to join YouTube Premium to not view ads. Others, on the other hand, invited the billionaire to buy YouTube.

The hashtag ‘Buy YouTube’ quickly trended and opened the rumor and speculation box, based on the recent experience of his Twitter transaction.

Musk himself responded to a netizen who shared the same opinion as him. He even stated that he will take action to prevent fraudulent use of Tesla for other purposes.

“Yeah, exactly. Also, other companies are using the Tesla name for solar and Powerwall. Will put a stop to that,” Musk responded. Will we see the South African buy the famous video content platform?


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