Royal Family turns out to have a secret WhatsApp group chat, Check it out


Whether it’s the place where you and your besties plan your summer vacay or your go-to for gossiping about that roommate who never buys the loo roll – everyone loves a group chat. And it seems even the Royal Family are no exception.


Yep, Mike Tindall (the Queen’s grandson-in-law) just spilled the tea on the Royal Family’s inner-workings aka their secret WhatsApp group chat. But, while we don’t know every royal that’s in the group chat, we do know that Kate Middleton is in there, with Mike admitting he recently intended to wind her up over the messaging platform.

Speaking on his The Good, The Bad and The Rugby podcast, the former rugby player – who is married to Zara Tindall – said he’d been excited for Kate’s recent outing with the England Rugby Team, as he was keen to see her “mess up” on the pitch. How cheeky!



After learning that the Duchess of Cambridge would be spending the day at a rugby training drill at Twickenham, Mike text England player Ellis Genge to get the gossip on how she was doing… so that he could roast her in the Royal Family group chat. “He said ‘No she was actually pretty good, and she was really good at kicking,’ and I was like [sighs],” Mike recalled, adding that Kate, “has this competitive nature where she has to be good at things.”

Better luck next time, eh Mike?


Surprisingly, WhatsApp isn’t the only secret social media that the Royal Family find themselves on. In fact, according to royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti, who spoke to US Weekly, Her Majesty the Queen probably uses social media “just like the rest of us” adding that: “It’s extraordinary to think how readily and easily she picks up these new technologies… even at her ripe old age.”

As for other Royal Family members on social media, Prince Harry has been known to have a fair few secret accounts, too. Writing in his book Finding Freedom, royal journalist Omid Scobie, suggested Prince Harry had a secret Instagram account with the username ‘SpikeyMau5,’ – although, when news came to light of this, the account was quickly deleted.


“With no face visible in the profile photo, just a mouse-shaped helmet, it would have meant nothing to most people… But it was in fact Harry’s private account”, he said in the book. As for what the pseudonym ‘SpikeyMau5’ actually means, Scobie claimed [via Esquire] it was a tribute to the Prince’s favorite DJ, DeadMau5, combined with the nickname ‘Spike’ which Scotland Yard police officers reportedly referred to him as.

The more you know!


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