Royals fearful Prince Harry’s $20 million memoir needs to ‘deliver enough’-check.

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Experts suggest the Royal Family is deeply concerned about what Prince Harry may need to deliver in his $20 million priced memoir to justify the price tag.Royal expert Nick Bullen made this claim and during an appearance on the Royally Us podcast he admitted, “History has proven so far that private conversations have been leaked.”



He also admitted, “Information that should’ve stayed within the family has, somehow, found its way into the media.” “The thing that must be concerning not just the Royal Family but all of those working in the royal household is what is going to be in this book.”


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“If it’s true that Harry’s been paid $20 million for the book, then the publishers are going to want some pretty good stuff. You need to sell a lot of books to recover $20 million.”



Before concluding Mr Bullen added, “We’ve had one of Britain’s leading literary agents on the show recently, a guy called Andrew Lownie, who talked about the fact that a $20 million advance is unprecedented, much bigger than any other royals ever had for a book.” “This will have to deliver and the family, I’m sure are concerned.”



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Experts believe Queen Elizabeth is in real danger of losing public interest and approval if she abandons a crucial royal tradition.


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The claim was made by royal expert Nick Bullen and during her interview with Express she was quoted saying, “Hilary Mantel talked about how she doesn’t think George will be the king one day.”



“I personally think that’s rubbish, I think it’s Hilary going for a good headline which she’s very good at doing. But she drew the parallel between royals and celebrities and said that if they become too like celebrities, the monarchy loses its moment. I do think that’s absolutely key.”



She also added, “Celebrities, stars, may well have their publicists and may well be aware of their press, the royals don’t. That’s where the real danger comes with royalty.”


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“You look at the moment when royals have tried to step into the world of celebrity, invariably it goes wrong. I think that’s one of the issues that Harry and Meghan have had with the Windsor camp.”



Before concluding “They applied, and perhaps in Meghan’s Hollywood training, celebrity principles to an institution that’s 1,000 years old. It just doesn’t work.”


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