Salma Hayek Disappears Into A Bag After Wet Bikini Struggle-check.


Salma Hayek is literally disappearing into a bag after her wet bikini-clad DDs caused a stir on Instagram. The 55-year-old actress, clocking over 2 million likes for showcasing her jaw-dropping curves – wet and dry – while on vacation this week, is now back to keeping her Instagram engaging with more of the unexpected.



Salma, who has gained 100,000 followers since hitting 17 million earlier this month, updated ahead of the weekend with a little birthday shoutout and a mega brand one. Check it out below.


Scroll for the photo, although the above one was part of the same post as Salma went zen in the tiniest of bikinis. The “Like A Boss” actress, who has still not disclosed the location of her exotic travels, dropped her serene and eye-popping bikini snaps three days ago. “We need to keep our cool,” the Mexican wrote, with “I’m looking respectfully” now topping comments.



A new day, a new post. Hayek’s Friday update, super fun, showed the star gobbled up by a giant green bag and getting carried around.The photo only showed Salma’s head as she popped out of an enormous and shiny Bottega Veneta bag while getting carried by friend Daniel.



The Latina, smiling from inside the bag, got schlepped around, writing: “Happy Birthday Daniel,” also tagging Bottega Veneta.



If you’re wondering about any links, there are plenty. Bottega Veneta is just one of the many luxury brands owned by Kering group, with Salma’s billionaire husband François-Henri Pinault owning the whole thing. Salma has even promoted the brand by wearing VR goggles and walking into a wall.



In December of last year, Salma made headlines for updating in chic black pants and with a giant pair of VR goggles on her head. The amusing photo came with an even more-amusing caption as Hayek told fans:



“Today I had a completely new experience attending the Fall 21 @balenciaga show. I didn’t have to dress up or put makeup on, because I got to watch it virtually from home.



I did try to touch the clothes but it kept going away as I was approaching… until I hit the wall.”


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