Salma Hayek Flaunts Her Fabulous Grapes With a Heavy Heart-check.


Salma Hayek showing off her fabulous grapes today came with a bleeding heart. The 55-year-old actress was upbeat about finally reaping the harvest from her Napa, California vineyards, but with fires raging the region and a current 361,000 homes left without power in Northern C.A., Hayek’s Tuesday Instagram update wasn’t swings and roundabouts.



Salma, followed by 16.4 million, made her post today about the firefighters bravely putting their lives at risk. First responders were on the “Frida” actress’ mind. Check it out below.



Scroll for the photos. Salma, who tends not to boast that her 2009 marriage was to a man worth $39 billion, had opened in selfie mode and sandwiched between vineyard rows. The Mexican, wearing a simple black top and straw sunhat, then drove her fan to swipe right for a peek at what the harvest brought.



Salma, also snapped picking grapes amid sunlight, then showed a far more worrying scene, with vineyard horizons reflecting the region’s smoke – red flames were also clearly visible in the distance.Keep scrolling for more photos. Salma opened her caption, writing:



“We have a vineyard in Napa, and although most of the fires are now under control, I can’t help but feel an immense sense of gratitude for all the first responders that came to the rescue of so many people, animals and properties.”



Diablo winds are currently sweeping northern parts of California state, with a PG&E representative stating a “dangerous combination of factors” including high winds, low humidity, and “record dry fuels.” Salma also took the time to thank firefighter teams, continuing:



“In our case, we are especially grateful to the Strike Team 9271C: Strike Team Leader Chief Engine 2752 (Garden Valley Station #50) Engine 2754 (Sutter Hill Station #60) Engine 2774 (Sutter Hill Station #60) Engine 2772 (Pilot Hill Station #70) …for being our heroes during this fire season. Muchas gracias!”



Salma and billionaire husband François-Henri Pinault own the Eisele Vineyard, Aruajo Estate in Napa Valley. The 162-acre property is reported to house a 38-acre vineyard – clearly, where Salma had been photographed.



Salma’s Instagram has been busy of late. The star, nominated for two E! People’s Choice Awards, has been eyeing up her “movie star domination” in that headline-making little black dress, with updates this month also seeing the “Like A Boss” actress in London for the Bottega Veneta show.



Salma has also been keeping it pretty fun on IG, showing fans how she can “almost” touch the moon, giving her followers a bubble bath treasure hunt, and winding up gaining 100,000 followers for doing so.


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