Salma Hayek puts her jaw-dropping body on display as she celebrates her 55th birthday with stunning bathing suit photo- check.


Salma Hayek celebrated her 55th birthday with a jaw-dropping photo of her bathing suit body.The actress posted a stunning snap of herself wading in the water of a tropical locale whilst clad in a bright blue swim suit on Thursday. ‘Happy 55th birthday to me (dancing emoji) looking forward to new adventures #grateful. Feliz cumpleaños 55 para mí… lista para nuevas aventuras #vivalavida,’ she captioned the snap.



Salma looked breathtaking as she enjoyed her idyllic surroundings while showing off her incredible body.The beauty looked flawless with her loose curls cascading down her back and her youthful complexion shining through with hardly an ounce of makeup on her face.



As you get older, you’re expected not to age.’But the actress is at peace with her body either way, especially considering how much she has put it through over the years.



Considering ‘how much mileage I put on my body,’ she said, ‘and how much pressure and judgment I put on it, my body has been incredibly generous. I don’t think I am some hot tamale, but I know that for my age, for the lifestyle that I lived, I’m not doing too badly. And I attribute all of this to meditation.’



Salma started doing her breathing techniques in her late 30s, when she was suffering from back pain that occasionally prevented her from leaving the bed.



‘It makes you experience your body with a lightness that’s really delicious and satisfying. With the breathing and the going inside, you explore your body in a different way, and you learn not to go crazy with the expectations.’



While Salma may be a big fan of meditation, her 13-year-old daughter Valentina is not. ‘She’s like, “I cannot think of anything more boring! And if I’m going to meditate, I’m going to do it on my own time”‘


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