Salma Hayek Sets Instagram On Fire In Open-Chested Latex Dress-check.


Salma Hayek set Instagram ablaze this week – no two ways about it. The 55-year-old actress put her famous assets and raw beauty on show for a series of videos and photos for her latest LOVE magazine feature, but video mode brought a bonus for the “Frida” actress’ fans.



Flipping through a magazine won’t bring any motion. Salma’s videos offered plenty, the star was looking red hot, and her multiple posts have been clocking all kinds of likes.



Salma’s photo and videos all showed her flaunting her jaw-dropping curves in a super-tight and cut-out latex dress with an open-chested finish. The cleavage display was full-on, but it always stays classy with Salma.



The Latina was seen with damp hair as she stretched her arms and posed in her black dress, delivering a raw power and vibrant energy as the camera chopped between close-ups and moments shot farther out.



It was a sizzling shoot bursting with feminine-strong s*x appeal, Salma’s beautiful smile, and a “Chaos & Control” theme.



Salma’s posts didn’t fall short on the engagement front. The actress’ first video managed to clock an impressive 100,000+ views in two hours, with the second garnering views fast as it went live a little later.



Salma took to her caption to describe the shoot and thank everyone involved.“Thank you @thelovemagazine for an energising shoot! Gracias LOVE Magazine por una sesión energética!



@callthis_number for #LOVE23 Photographers @callthis_number @steve__mackey @douglashartfilm Fashion editor @kegrand Make-up @ctilburymakeup Hair @samanthahillerbystudio Interview @bengcobb,” she wrote.



Salma’s shoot was accompanied by a new interview, with the star discussing her famous 1996 role in movie “From Dusk Till Dawn.” The film saw Salma play a snake-dancing stripper vampire.



“All I could think about was overcoming my phobia of snakes. I did so much research to try to find the courage to tolerate this snake without going into a seizure because it’s not that I think they’re going to kill me, it’s that my body has a reaction. I had to learn how to meditate and go into a trance. But the snake was very nau-ghty: it tried to pull my underwear down three times! So I really had to be in a trance, and it has helped me for many things,” Hayek recalled.



Salma famously made headlines for penning a 2017 New York Times op-ed about disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein – Salma related the multiple occasions she alleged the 67-year-old made inappropriate and violent advances towards her.



The LOVE interview saw Hayek asked who instilled confidence in her, mentioning her “[win]” against Hollywood’s most powerful men.



“I think my father. I remember when I was young, I was dating a guy who was Jewish and his family was not happy that he was dating me because I was not Jewish. Yes, I had my Romeo and Juliet moment! They hated me. He actually wanted to marry me. The family were calling me names and my father said, ‘I have worked so hard, made so many sacrifices so that you would be my princess.



Why would you settle to be in a place where you are treated like a criminal? Like a nothing?’” she said.“And so, I guess every time somebody didn’t treat me right, I thought of that. I thought of my father,” Hayek concluded.


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