Salma Hayek shares photo of her body without clothes as she celebrates Instagram milestone-check. —


Actress Salma Hayek has stripped naked in celebration of reaching 12 million followers on Instagram.Salma Hayek came up with a cheeky way to celebrate reaching 12million followers on her official Instagram page.The Grown Ups actress, 55, deiced to flash the flesh by stripping naked online.



Rocking nothing but her birthday suit, Salama could be seen laying on her chest as enjoyed an acupuncture session.
Letting her brunette locks fall freely to her shoulders, Salma gazed longingly off camera.



Completing her look, Salma parted her lips seductively.Within minutes the post was flooded with messages of adoration.”You deserve every single one of those 12 million babe,” one fan wrote.



Another added “Lucky lucky needles.””We need the full photo, you can’t tease us like that,” a third continued.Meanwhile, a fourth replied: “Wow. You look so stunning Salma.”



Salma captioned the shot: “I’m very grateful to all of you for your love and support. Yaaaay.”You have gotten me to the 12 million.



“A needle for health and well-being representing each million of you.”Repeating the message in her native tongue of Spanish, the starlet added: “Gracias a todos ustedes por su cariño y apoyo. Braaavoooo!



“Ya llegamos a los 12 millones! Una aguja de salud y bienestar representando cada uno de los millones.”However, despite her fans clearly loving her racy snaps, Salma’s Instagram page isn’t all about secs appeal.



She’s also been using the platform to speak out on political issues close to her heart.Referencing the ongoing violence in her home country of Mexico, Salma said: “I am very saddened that in my Coatzacoalcos, where I grew up with freedom that gives a united community and without violence, last night at least 25 people died in a bar attack.



“Unfortunately this is one of the countless misfortunes that happen daily in Mexico.”We hope the authorities will deliver on their promise to stop the violence. It’s time for so much suffering to end in a country that has it all.”


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