Sasha Banks Is Been Nominated For The Mandalorian On Emmys Campaign Poster.


Sasha Banks is included on a poster for The Mandalorian’s campaign for The 2021 Emmy Awards.
As seen below, Lucasfilm and Disney have released a “For Your Consideration” poster for potential Emmy Award nominations for The Mandalorian. Banks is listed along with other guest actors from the show, which airs on Disney.


Sasha Banks whose real name is listed as Mercedes Varnado, plays the role of Koska Reeves in the hit series. The Koska Reeves character is a Mandalorian who serves as a member of The Nite Owls. She is to feature in 2 episodes from the second season.

The Mandolarian

The Mandalorian picked up a total of 15 Emmy nominations for the first season. Most of those were for the technical side of the show, but this new campaign indicates that Lucasfilm and Disney are pushing towards advocating for the long list of stars that season two featured, according to The Direct.


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