Scarlett Johansson starrer Black Widow lost $600 million owing to piracy

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Scarlett Johansson starrer Black Widow lost a lot of money last year because of piracy. The Marvel/Disney film suffered losses to the tune of $600 million.
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Black Widow kickstarted MCU’s Phase 4 with a bang and was expected to be massive for the studios involved but owing to COVID-related measures and piracy, the film performed average.
Many things have been attributed to the film’s underperformance. The Delta Variant of Covid-19 was hitting the United States by this point and some have suggested that releasing the film on Disney Plus at the same time contributed to it. The latter resulted in Scarlett Johannson suing Disney over breach of contract, which eventually settled out of court. But now it seems that Disney, Marvel, and Johannson may have lost a huge chunk of change to another source.
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According to a report from Deadline, Piracy may have taken a big chunk out of Black Widow’s profits. According to the site, the film was pirated over 20 million times worldwide, which would have cost the studio as much as $600M in lost revenue from Disney Plus subscriptions and on-demand rentals. Whether or not the people who participated in this piracy would have watched the film legitimately, however, is open for debate.


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