See How Meghan Markle EXPOSED Her True Nature To The World In 2021

MEGHAN Markle has had a very busy year despite taking a step back from the Royal family and one expert has claimed that Meghan ‘”speaking the truth”‘ has been an “absolute disaster”.

Meghan 2

The Duchess recently won a privacy battle, but judges made a point of her “unfortunate lapse of memory”. An expert claimed this has exposed her true nature after she apologised to the court for ‘forgetting’ information.

Meghan 1

In an article for ‘The SPECTATOR’ Julie Burchill said “‘Speaking her truth’ has been one of Meghan Markle’s USPs – and what an absolute disaster it’s been.”

Burchill continued to state how despite Meghan ‘quitting’ her acting career she was still continuing playing a ‘role’.

She said “Though the Duchess had been assumed to have quit her acting career in order to spend more time with her merchandise, perhaps she was actually performing her most convincing role yet; that of a loving daughter unwillingly estranged from her darling dad, distraught when the clammy claws of the press got their hands on private correspondence.


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