See John Cena’s $6 Million Lavish Florida Mansion With a “Men’s Only Cigar Room

John Cena knows how to live large, and he’s proven it with his massive mansion. The Champ has a mansion that is nothing short of mansion goals. He even had it changed to suit his own needs and requirements.
Reportedly, the megastar owns a $3.4 Million mansion in Tampa, Florida. He purchased this mansion in 2005, much before he tied the knot with Shay Shariatzadeh. Over the years he has made quite a few changes to the mansion, and one of them is his infamous Gentleman’s Room.

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This room, which is also referred to as The Cigar Room, is one equivalent to a “Man Cave”. Basically, the idea behind this room is to have a space just for himself, or when his friends come over for the occasional cigar or anything else Cena enjoys during his time with his friends.

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The Cigar Room is quite the attraction in the mansion
They showed this room on The Bella Twins show. Cena’s ex, Nikki Bella, has lived in the mansion when Cena had the room. On the show, it was revealed that even Nikki Bella wasn’t allowed in the room. However, during an interview, she had revealed that there were nights the former couple returned from date nights and would play chess.

“We’ve come back from a lot of date nights and played chess. I’ve lost every game. He’s really good.”

“It was a weird, small space that was left over and we decided to make it the gentlemen’s room.” H/t LadBible.

John Cena’s house is worth $3.4 million
There’s a reason The Champ paid what he paid for his lavish mansion.

First, the entrance is rather huge. Well, it’s a mansion, it’s supposed to be. But, the structure, the seating area, and even the staircase. It’s all magnificent!

john cena

Second, The Champ has two swimming pools. There’s a huge one that has waterpark rides, bulletproof glass, and has other slides attached to it. He’s also got an indoor pool which is closer to his bedroom.

Third, Cena has a guest house within the premises. The guest house in itself is big enough to be someone’s house. In fact, there was a time during The Bella Show where Brie Bella revealed that Cena’s guest house is as big as Bryan Danielson and Brie Bella’s house.

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Now, all of this doesn’t come for free. The Champ has to work hard to maintain his net worth and income to ensure he can afford the lavish mansion.


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