See Kim Chiu flex her new Honda beat!

Kim Chui new

Kim Chiu was just introduced to the world of motorcycles a few months back when she had her first go riding pillion with her boyfriend Xian Lim. If one of her new social media posts is anything to go by, though, then suffice to say Chiu enjoyed the experience very much.

You see, the 31-year-old actress appears to have just acquired her very own bike. It’s nothing like her boyfriend’s Ducati Multistrada—it’s a humble Honda Beat. Check out her new ‘ride buddy’ below:
Kim Chui 45
Specifically, Chiu’s new scooter is a Beat Premium with a Matte Fiery Red finish. This is powered by a 110cc engine that can do up to 63.7km/L. It stickers for P70,400. If she really wants to get into riding, a bike like this is a great way to start. It’s an automatic so it’s easy to operate, and it rides low and is extremely light, making it a cinch to handle even for beginners like her

Does this mean we’ll eventually see Chiu riding bigger bikes in the future? Frankly, we won’t be surprised if we do.


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