Serena Williams speaks on her relationship with sister Venus

23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams several times spoke about her relationship with her sisters and how all three of her sisters helped her become the player and women she is. Williams was a guest on The Goat: Serena episode and host Chanda Rubin read an excerpt from Williams’ 2009 autobiography in which she described her bond with her sisters.

“Yetunde was the forgiver with a heart of gold, Isha was the caretaker who looked after all her sisters. Lyndrea was the ever-ready play pal. I’m not sure as how others saw Venus. But to me she was like a benevolent bodyguard,” Williams wrote.

Both Serena and Venus have entered their forties but they still work hard and push each other. Serena and Venus have always had a strong bond and that will likely never change. “Venus and I worked so hard. Still to this day we work side by side at practice.


We motivate each other. Like I said on the court, every time she won her match, I felt obligated to win – I’ve got to win too. The motivation she gives me is second to nothing,” Serena said, per Sportskeeda.

An iconic coach praises the Williams sisters
Rick Macci, who coached several world No.

1s, was one of the first coaches of Serena and Venus. “I wasn’t impressed at first. But then when they started competing, it was brutal,” Macci said during his interview with YouTube channel Tweener Head, as quoted on Sportskeeda.


“I’ve seen a lot, I never saw two little girls run so hard and almost fall over to get a ball. Quick, strong, fast. And they would go for the jugular.” Macci insisted he knew the Williams sisters would “transcend the sport.”

“I knew they could transcend the sport. I just knew what I could do and I saw their potential,” Macci said. “They not only checked every box, they checked a few more.”


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