Sharing the same surname, Is Tuppence Middleton from ITV’s related to Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge?


House star, Tuppence Middleton shares the same surname as Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge – and they look pretty similar too.

But is the actress related to the Duchess of Cambridge? Everything you need to know is here.


Is Tuppence Middleton related to Kate Middleton?

Despite sharing the same surname – Tuppence Middleton has no relation to the Duchess of Cambridge.


But it’s a question The Imitation Game actress Tuppence gets asked a lot – as fans draw striking similarities between their appearances.

She said: “Since Kate Middleton came around, some people think I’m related to her, but unfortunately, there’s no connection.”


Fans have even drawn similarities between their appearances. However, many believe that Tuppence and Kate will have a connection in the future – as they hope she will one day play Kate in a film about her life.



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