The Queen offering William, Kate Middleton Windsor as ‘slap in face’ to Meghan, Harry -check.


Queen Elizabeth has reportedly decided to offer Prince William and Kate Middleton her Windsor home as part of a ‘slap in the face’ to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The claim has been made by New Zealand Herald writer and royal commentator Daniela Elsner.



There she claimed, “If the Queen was to open her adored home up to the Cambridges, after having denied Harry and Meghan the same request, it would be hard not to read this as something of a slap in the face for the self-exiled Sussexes.”



“However, if this relocation does come to pass, it will only provide more ammunition to those who have argued that there has long been one rule for William and Kate and another for Harry and Meghan.”



She also added, “There are broader implications to this possible change of address than just how it might affect the already parlous state of relations between William and Harry.”



“If Harry and Meghan were still living down the road at Frogmore Cottage, it is hard not to wonder how the Duke of Sussex would have fared having to deal daily with the blunt reality of his heir status while his brother prepped for the throne a stone’s throw away.”



Prince William, Kate Middleton plan on relocating from London

Prince William and Kate Middleton are planning to leave London and set up camp near the Windsor Castle. If the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge do decide to relocate, they will be just a few minutes’ drive away from the Queen.


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“Neither William or Kate have ever been London people and have never enjoyed the chaos of the city,” royal expert Katie Nicholl said. “Whilst their home at Kensington Palace is highly secure, they have often felt overlooked and that they lacked privacy. The older their children get, the more apparent this has become,” she said.



William and Kate are currently based in Anmer Hall, Norfolk. “They love being at Anmer but they need a base that is close to the capital so they can easily return for public engagements and events.”


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“Windsor seems like the ideal situation. The castle is huge in itself and is the Queen’s permanent residence now but there are other housing options for them. Everything is on the table and up for the discussion,” Nicholl added. As for their parenting duties, “Both William and Kate are very hands on with the school runs,” Nicholl said.



“Every morning and afternoon they try to do it themselves if they can. And whilst it may seem like a short drive, they have both found traffic to be a huge factor. Sometimes it can take an hour to get the kids to school and make their way back and that’s a long time out of their days.”


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