Tyson Fury kicks taxi that refuses to take him

Tyson Fury has kicked a taxi after the driver refused to let him in the car, likely due to the state of the boxer after several alcoholic drinks.
Fury, who is on holiday in France, has been uploading several videos to his social media and was filmed on Thursday staggering towards a taxi.

The Gypsy King, dressed in a white T-shirt and shorts, staggers around until he leans on the taxi and tries to open the back door.

The driver appears to explain to his friends that Fury is unable to get into the vehicle due to the effects of the alcohol he consumed. Fury starts kicking the car along with his friends as the taxi drives away.

On Thursday morning Fury uploaded a video as he ran out into the streets, admitting he had a hard night.

“Strong beer, dad, isn’t it,” said Fury to his father John Fury.


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