Tyson Fury to fight Anthony Joshua free at Wembley

Last Saturday night, Tyson Fury announced to the crowd that he would be willing to take on Anthony Joshua for free at London’s Wembley Stadium during his Victory Tour.

Joshua and Fury’s fight, according to Fury, should be free to the public and televised without pay-per-view. However, whether or not a fight with Fury is free, Joshua must defeat Oleksandr Usyk on August 20 for that to happen. If Joshua loses to Usyk once more, it will be pointless.


In other words, Fury’s request is unreasonable because the promoters and financiers who organize major fights like Joshua vs. Fury will never consent to such a crazy idea.

Very unlikely for this fight to happen

Sadly, Joshua will probably fall to Usyk once more, and Fury will need to come up with a catchphrase for that match.


During his Victory Tour, Fury criticized Joshua, saying, ” It’s all about the money, Mr. Businessman; he’s not a fighting man. I swear to God I hope he wins the fight against Usyk so that I can come out of retirement and fight him for free.”

In response to the criticism he has received from fans following his demand for $500 million to come out of retirement and challenge the victor of Joshua vs. Usyk II, it appears that Fury is in damage control mode.

So by announcing that he will fight for free, Fury seems to be trying to change the perceptions of those who currently see him as a greedy materialist who is too lazy to get up off the couch and face the Joshua-Usyk 2 winner.

“However, the terms are this: I want it at Wembley Stadium, I want it free to enter, and I want it on free-to-air television in this country,” said Fury. “I’ll fight him in England, not abroad in a foreign country for more money; here for free for the people.”


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