What sparked Kanye West ended relationship with new girl friend, considered Kim Kardashian’s doppelgänger rumor

Sentimental relationships in Hollywood usually turn out to be ephemeral for several of its stars, this is the case of rapper Kanye West who after boasting about his relationship with Chaney Jones seems to have separated from her after four months of dating.

Woman of character

The ex-husband of celebrity Kim Kardashian had tried to erase his memory with a woman who physically in the media described too similar to the mother of his children.

The truth is that very little was known about Chaney Jones, so it was she herself who used social networks to introduce herself to her boyfriend’s fans.

In addition to telling that she was the director of operations of a mental health organization, she indicated that she was studying for a master’s degree.

And in response to comments that her physique was very similar to Kim Kardashian’s, Chaney assured that she had never had surgery on her face and that her physical attributes were natural.

It was reported that her relationship with Kanye West began four months ago and apparently everything was going smoothly to the extent that Chaney got a tattoo of the initials “ye” on her wrist.

The spectacular woman had started appearing at ‘Donda 2’ events, which Ye organized. However, something strange happened a few days ago and that was the trigger for a separation between the two.

Surprising breakup

According to information reported by TMZ, Kanye West and Chaney Jones took a trip to Japan and after their trip they chose to go their separate ways.



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