What would Meghan Markle do to change people Perspective about her?

Meghan Succex


What exactly did Meghan Markle do for some People to  dislike her? And for those who do dislike Meghan, what could she do change your opinion of her?


Markle didn’t end up on my radar until the interview during the South African tour. Of course, I had heard that Prince Harry married and had a baby. I predicted the marriage would eventually fail because she is an independent woman and an actress who already divorced one husband. Second marriage failure rates are high.


During this Interview, I saw her stand in the middle of a circle speaking to female youngsters. She said she was there as a woman and a woman of color. I thought then and think now that holding this woman up to young girls as a role model and someone to be admired is unfair to these girls. Be proud of your skin color is a good message but what isn’t a good message is that plastic surgery, dental veneers and keratin Brazilian blowouts and hair extensions are the tickets to being accepted and being whatever you wish to be. i Believe it’s her choice to do what she likes but it’s our choice to present her as an example.


She then went on to say that the stiff upper lip the British are famous for, was damaging. She knew who and what she was marrying. Don’t insult an entire nation because you can’t take the heat.



The Oprah interview finished any good thoughts of her. The lies, the race card abuse and hijacking the cause of mental health were the final straw coupled with the revelation that she did assist Omid Scobie with his book. What is there to like after all of that.


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